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How it works?

Anyone who dreams of becoming your own boss one day, the opportunity is knocking right now!   

No sweat, no hassle, no franchise fees. 

We offer a turnkey operation by “franchising” with us.  The process is simple, efficient and effective!   The route to become your own boss, have more financial freedom and more time for yourself and your family is happening now.

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss opportunities further.

Franchise Business Development Manger, Richard   022-126-9163  


Thank you.  We are nearly there.


What do we do?  

We will do all the hard work for you.  We will help you with everything from shop fitting, products selection, product ordering, hardware and software set up and make sure your store is ready and up and running as soon as possible.  When the shop is ready for operational, we provide a full on-the-job training for a period of two weeks.  Please visit our Albany flagship store.

How much does it cost? 

The initial investment, ready for operation,varies greatly depending on the size of the store and the condition of the premise.  Our goal to minimize your inital investment, maximize return, generate good cash flow and high turnover for you.

What is the store size requirement?  

The size of the store is negotiable, depening on location, owner's vision and business goals.  We can discuss once you have identified the location.  If you need assistance in getting the location, we have a team to assist you as well.

What is the stock level and investment?

The stock level is based on the size of the store.  We will assist you with the best selling items in your area.  

Some of key advantages of joining our franchise are:

  • You can pick and chosse best selling brands in your area.  
  • You do not need to stock too much thus free up your cash flow.
  • You will still enjoy the discount level that you would not be able to receive if you are not part of our team.

What do you get for the initial investment?

The following guidelines are indicative only: 

1.  Shop fit - We will assist you with shop fitting within your reasonable budget.  

2.  Top health and beauty products - With our expertise and industry knowledge, we will provide you with full range of pre-screened and selected top selling brands, high quality products, big brand names of vitamins, health, superfoods and beauty ranges.  

We are authorized dealer for all top brands and can order any brand you want, with exception of pharmacy only products.

3.  Jewelry products and display (optional) - You will get unique range of our designer Chuchoter fashion jewelry products and display.  

4.  Effective and efficient operations - Assistance of POS system, hardware and software.  The system and process is user friendly and can provide any detailed reports to you in a flash. 

5.  Professional display - Assistance on design and high quality signages. 

6.  Professional design - Use of our VitaminsDirect logo.

7.  Instant recognition - List of your store location on our Corporate website.

8.  Training - On the job training for two weeks from grand opening.

9.  Support - On going support in product supply and ordering. 


What is not included?

 Advertising and other signages not specified above.


Dream BIG, Reach for the STAR

Utilising our successful sales and marketing strategies, you are likely to be profitable after the first year of operation.  However, this depends on your on going operating cost as well.  We do have qualified consultants who can give you further assistance.